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Social anxiety, depressive moods, anxiety disorders – these are just some of the sympltoms that many people in our society are dealing with. The frequency of psychological difficulties is increasing constantly in the past several decades. With Psychotherapy Vienna English, I can help you with different psychological problems. Depending on your choice, I can support you in individual or group setting.

Every therapy goes through several key milestones

To grow out of psychological problems with the help of Psychotherapy Vienna English properly, some patience is needed: Every kind of therapy will build upon several fundamental milestones. My goal is to support you as quickly and efficiently as possible and to show you different ways and possibilities to get along with your mental challenges. One of the first steps is to clearly identify your actual psychological difficulties before we start working on them.

Let me be your companion on your path to change

After you have recognized your psychological challenges, it is important that we will develop together at Psychotherapy Vienna English an understanding of the context in which these challenges have developed to begin with. There are many factors that can lead to psychological problems in adulthood. With the development of trust in me and the therapy, you will be able to reconnect with your true self. Psychotherapy Vienna English will support your personal growth. I offer therapy in three languages: English, German and Hebrew. My highest goal is that by the end of the therapy your self-confidence and self-esteem alone and in your relationships will grow stronger.

What is Psychotherapy?

The human mind is peculiar in its ability to turn against itself. Yet modern societies are concentrated more on external achievements while forgetting that mental balance is a prerequisite for normal functioning and psychological well being. Inner conflicts lead to variety of symptoms in different degrees. Psychotherapy will restore the harmony between the thinking mind and the emotional world.

Such an inner harmony will help you to live fully instead of wasting all your energy on internal anxieties and insecurities. We will achieve this harmony through the therapeutic relationship which provides a correcting emotional experience. A successful psychotherapy will make your mind work together with your emotions towards enjoying life in relationships and towards achieving your goals in meaningful ways. 

"Our therapy does its work by means of changing the unconscious into the conscious, and is effective only in so far as it has the opportunity of bringing about this transformation."

Sigmund Freud

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

My approach to psychotherapy is essentially psychodynamic. We work to restore the balance between different dimensions of experience: past and present, waking and sleeping (including interpretation of dreams), thinking and emotions, actual relationships and fantasies. To find the balance between body, mind, and spirit is the prerequisite to a happy life. Above all, the purpose of psychotherapy is exactly as discovered by Sigmund Freud: to give you access to emotional and sexual forces in your personality that are still blocked in your unconscious.

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The first meeting serves to get a taste whether I am the right contact person for you: do we want to work together?


Psychotherapy Vienna 1100 in English

Have the courage to look inside and take responsibility to the person that you are going to become.

smile again with the help of psychotherapy

Smile again

Everyone wants to change but so few succeed. Why is it so difficult to change? Why do so many people want to change to begin with? It seems to me that we live in a grumpy culture that does not encourage us to be the persons that we wish to become. Instead, we learn to fulfil the expectations of others but in the process we forget that life is also about joy, meaningful relationships, and simply about smiling. 

do not let life overwhelm you

Is Life overwhelming?

Psychotherapy and Group-Therapy is something that each individual who wants to reach his or her higher potential should consider, whether your challenges are average or above. Being human is quite a journey, and especially in a culture that has forgotten what this even means, engaging in a  therapeutic process will set you ahead of the crowd. Give your mind the emotional boost that it needs to deal with life. It does not have to be so overwhelming.

with group-therapy you are not alone

You are not alone

Psychotherapy Vienna 1100 in English offers you a place to talk about everything that troubles you deep inside. The mind is associated with language but underneath we still share the very same instincts like any other animal in nature. This is why "talking about it", being heard and understood help in integrating the mind with the rest of your personality. Until such integration happens, your mind will continue to struggle instead of using all the resources that you have.    

Your dreams and feelings matter

To many people, dreams are nothing but nonesense produced by the brain in the night. But Freud realized that "Interpretation of dreams is the royal road to the unconscious." The brain that produces dreams while we are asleep, is the same brain that is active while we are awake. When the sun goes down and disappears in the night, we can see the stars that are invisible in the day, although they are of course out there all the time. In the same token, when consciousness "falls asleep", elements in the personality that exist also in the day, become visible in the night. And they impact our feelings and behaviors also when we are awake, which means that understanding our dreams is a prerequisite to understanding who we are.  

"The dream-elements are by no means mere representations, but true and actual experiences of the psyche, similar to those which come to the waking state by way of the senses."

Sigmund Freud

If you dismiss the meaning of your dreams as 'nonsense', you are dismissing the aspects of who you are deep inside. But to be happy means to accept all aspects and not just those that make immediate sense and that conform to how your parents or society would like you to be.

In the psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we give dreams and feelings more importance than what is given to them in daily life. They are the compass that guides our work. You will see that dreams make sense. They are coming from the most creative parts of your psyche. The ability to understand your dreams will reduce the resistance of your mind towards the ideas that they represent, and this will give you access to the creative power that your mind has learned to reject because of childish fears.