Relationship Coaching

psychotherapy and relationship coaching

I am a strategic coach certified by the Robbins-Madanes training center, which focuses on teaching the strategies of Tony Robbins, probably the best coach in the world. The purpose of relationship coaching is to give you clarity, insight, and above all the results that you are looking for in your relationships in a short period of time. You will get to rekindle and deepen love in your intimate relationship or find one if your are single. 

You will learn to appreciate the dynamics of the relationships so that you stop bumping into the same invisible walls over and over again. You will also be shown the limits of your model of the world where the potential for personal growth lies. When you understand your own model of the world, you can also understand the model of others so that you can connect on a deeper, emotional level to create intimacy.

The inability to relate intimately and to have fulfilling relationships is always rooted in deep seated beliefs about the opposite sex that are not realistic. In relationship coaching we will work to identify and resolve these beliefs. If necessary, we will do exercises to promote your personal growth in a way that is tailored to your specific issues.

To deepen our intimate relationship, we need to make ourselves vulnerable and to move away from our comfort zone to discover our zone of creative power. As a relationship coach I will be your companion in your inner journey so that you do not have to do it alone. It is through discoveries that we make within ourselves that enables us to become attractive intimate partners.

Another important concept that we will focus on in the coaching is the six human needs psychology according to a practical model developed by Tony Robbins. According to this model, there are six human needs that drive our behaviors. These are the needs for certainty, variety, significance, love, growth, and contribution. You probably notice that some of the needs are in conflict with each other. Identifying the most important human needs in your unconscious model of the world can remove major inhibitions from your personality. Not less important is to learn to meet the needs of your partner. When you meet two human needs of another person you have created a connection. When you meet four human needs you have intimacy. If you can meet all six human needs of your partner he or she will become addicted to you.

Our relationships define who we are and the quality of our relationships define the quality of our mental health. There is no greater psychological need than for love and one of the biggest human fears is of not being loved. This means that there is nothing more urgent to invest than in having the best relationship that you can. You can make a conscious decision to do whatever it takes to have this most important area in your life resolved. Make the first step in scheduling a free consultation.