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Better understanding of self and others - Find your Balance

Rotem Hess - english speaking therapist from Israel

My Approach to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is not an intellectual process. Still in my experience, understanding can support change, and therefore it is important to me that you will also have an undearstanding of what we are doing, which means that I do include psychological education in the work with my client. 

The idea is to come to the sessions without an agenda. It is the only place where you are encouraged to be your true-self without any censoring. Simply describe whatever comes to mind, including toughts feelings and sensations. One of the great gifts of psychotherapy is the possibility to be free from fears of rejection. As a psychotherapist, I am merely curious to understand together with you what are the internal forces that are preventing you from behaving and feeling like you would like, and in a way that is joyful to you. 

And of course, interpretation of dreams (if you can remember some of them) is an important aspect of a psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Dreams reveal the inner world in which we live also when we are awake. In other words, dreams are important to understand our feelings and behavior when we are awake. 

How Psychotherapy works

The purpose of  psychotherapy is to create a safe place where you can gradually feel more and more comfortable to be yourself. This enables hidden aspects of the personality such as repressed feelings to come out, and this initiates a process of integrating them into conscious experience. The psychotherapist is not smarter than the client and he cannot know better than the client what is best for him or her. His goal is merely to support you in developing a coherent sense of identity and inner peace.

Psychotherapy is an inner adventure

Psychotherapy is a special relationship with the therapist; it’s a psychological adventure. It requires certain courage to look into yourself with the wish to understand what drives you and realize that your feelings always make sense. Without self-knowledge, self-love is not possible: how can you love that which you do not know? Loving oneself is also the prerequisite to love others. The more you understand and accept yourself, the more you can understand and accept others.

Who would profit from Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

In psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we want to look inside into the depths of the personality to bring change. If you are not curious about getting to know who you really are, for good or for worse, then psychoanalytic psychotherapy is probably not your best choice. Looking at a mental mirror is not always pleasant, but if you want to accept yourself so that you can then relate to others, then knowing what you need to accept is the first step in the adventure that we call life. To benefit from psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy, you need to have the patient of someone who is going to fitness center without expecting instant results. It does not mean that the psychological benefits are not felt quite rapidly to some degree, but the greatest satisfaction comes after you have been willing to do some work. 


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Psychotherapy will open new emoational paths

Psychotherapy opens new Possibilities

Many years ago, Sigmund Freud discovered that we are influenced by forces that are within our personality but to the most part are unknown, unconscious to our mind. We rejected these ideas in the beginning of life because of fears that no longer make sense in the life of an adult, but, until they are made conscious, these fears and fantasies continue to influence our behaviors and relationships. Tragically, large part of our mental energy is wasted on inner conflicts, while consciously we feel drained, tensed, anxious, depressed, etc. The more energy is repressed, the more we repeat emotional patterns from the past and the less effective we can be in the present moment. Through psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy in Vienna you will discover new emotional roads inside yourself to deal with challenges. I am convinced that in each of us there is self-healing power waiting to be discovered.

For the psychotherapy to become emotionally more significant and effective, I recommend a frequency of two 50 minutes appointments per week, if possible. 

Psychotherapist (English): Support via psychodynamic individual or group therapy

You are suffering from social anxiety or regularly fight with depressive moods? You should consider consulting with a third person: As a psychotherapist (English) I can help you in different settings  of individual or group therapies in Vienna. The goal is to finally be able to be yourself. You can open your mind, free your emotions and begin processing all the unconscious processes that take place inside you, emotionally and mentally, with the support of psychotherapy. This will help you to understand yourself and your emotions better and to improve self-awareness in relationships.

Psychological problems should be addressed

Psychological problems are becoming more frequent over the past years and an increasing amount of people is affected by them. From my experience I know that too many people are trying to push away their problems without really dealing with them.  One reason for that is the tendency in our society not to talk about psychological problems. However, our soul can sicken psychologically just like the body can become sick physically. As a psychotherapist English, I will help you first to identify your psychological problems and then to grow out of them.

"It's a joy to be hidden, but a disaster not to be found."

Donald Winnicott

Emotions in the Psychotherapy

For psychoanalytic psychotherapy to be successful, it is important that the work is not only intellectual, but also emotional. Working with an english speaking psychotherapist is an opportunity for you as an expat in Vienna to experience emotions that for many reasons remain blocked otherwise in your life. Repressed emotions are precious energy that serves any form of relationships and self-esteem once they are released. As long as these emotions remain repressed, they will drain your energy and make you anxious, needy, and unhappy.