Psychotherapy and Life-Coaching

The human mind is peculiar in its ability to turn against itself. Yet modern societies are concentrated more on external achievements while forgetting that mental balance is a prerequisite for normal functioning and psychological well being. Inner conflicts lead to variety of symptoms in different degrees. Consulting a professional can help restoring the inner harmony and connecting you with your existing resources.
Psychotherapy is a method to heal the inner child that is still alive in the adult, or to support a healthy individual that is going through a difficult crisis in life. Depending on your current life situation, we will define goals and come up with the treatment that best suits your needs. My approach is essentially psychodynamic. We work restore the balance between different dimensions of experience: past and present, waking and sleeping (including interpretation of dreams), thinking and emotions, actual relationships and fantasies.
Group therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool, which provides a safe place to work on mental and emotional problems within a group. As social beings, the group provides the richest realm to investigate difficulties that do not always come up in individual therapeutic setting. For more information and consulting whether group therapy could be right for you, please schedule a free first consultation.
Coaching is aimed at supporting you from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be). Where these two points can be clearly identified, we will explore together the best way to achieve your goal and the obstacles that prevent you from getting there. 

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