Overcome Neurosis in Vienna with Meditation Coaching

In my book now available on amazon, I present a model of the personality that depicts the mind as a metaphor of nature. With the help of this model, you will be able to transform your personality faster than with any other method. A prerequisite is the readiness to engage in a meditation practice according to the guidelines that are included in the book.  Meditation Coaching is a great way to overcome neurosis.

Can we reinvent psychoanalysis to overcome neurosis?

Neurosis is a common human condition that affects our feelings and behaviors. Neurotics are people who tend to feel and behave with anxiety, anger, or sadness in ways that are not appropriate to the current situation and that prevent them from enjoying relationships. Neurosis is a personality trait with intensity that depends on biological dispositions and experiences in early life with caregivers, siblings, and other important figures. My book and my work as a psychotherapist and life coach will show you several ways to overcome your neurosis.

Personal Growth with Meditation Coaching

In the meditation coaching program, we will meet twice a week (in person or via Skype) to discuss your experience and identify the blocks that are currently standing in your way. If you are determined to do whatever it takes to master your inner world so that you can create meaningful, joyful relationships with yourself and others, then this program that combines meditation coaching and mind-body health expertise will take you into the depths of your personality where transformation can finally take place.

Individual meditation coaching sessions are for you if you are seeking an intimate meditative, transformation experience.  

How To Overcome Neurosis

Are you curious to hear more on how the peacock's tail is a metaphor of the mind, a metaphor that can be used to improve self-esteem? Psychoanalysis and meditation have been with us for a while but as long as they are kept apart, a dynamic transformation of the personality remains out of reach for most people. This book presents a model of the mind that builds on the insights of Sigmund Freud, but it modifies the classical theories and shows how meditation and not psychoanalytic treatment is most efficient to overcome neurosis.

Powerful Ways To Use Guided Meditation In Your Coaching Practice

This book will teach you:

This book is not like any other book that you have read because it is an attempt to think about thinking. It does not promise a quick fix to your life situations. But it will show you how you can solve the problem of not being able to deal with life situations in the first place. If you dare to open yourself to new dimensions of experience, then you may want to take this ride through the rabbit-hole to a place where the world changes.

You can overcome your neurosis: In person or via Skype

If you can relate to the metaphors in this book and to meditation, then we can use this model as the basis to a practice (also via Skype in case you do not live in Vienna) that will change your mind faster than any other way.

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Overcome Neurosis with meditation coaching

Reinventing Psychoanalysis

This book presents an innovative model of the personality where the mind is described as an organ that has evolved in the process of sexual rather than natural selection, just like the peacock's tail.
In contrast to what  Sigmund Freud conceptualized, the mind can be viewed as a mental representation of nature instead of a mediator between the drives and “reality”. The internal conflict that leads to neurosis is not between reality and pleasure principles but between the mental reality of the mind and the physical reality of the body. The author shows that the consequences to mental health are enormous. It is metaphors and not science that are key to psychological growth. Self-esteem increases when the mind can utilize the Libido to sustain its mental representations.