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Psychoanalysis and Meditation

It is true that Sigmund Freud did not think highly of meditation, eastern philosophies, spirituality, or religions. He considered them as kind of infantile fantasies that children develop when they are growing up. But looking closer at Psychoanalysis, we see that his theories represent a deep mystery that go deeper than any theoretical thinking. This is why a practice that goes beyond words is essential in certain type of neurosis, called obsessive neurosis. My work will show you how to practice meditation without the new-age naivete that uses meaningless terms such as enlightenment or spirituality.

You will see how Meditation Coaching or practical Spiritual Coaching can promote your psychological growth in a down-to-earth way.

Psychoanalysis and meditation are two sides of the same human experience and using both in the practice is the most effective way to change. 

Why You Should Overcome Neurosis

The person who is relatively free from neurosis (complete freedom from neurosis for humans is a pathology) is the master of his mind and body. His life is meaningful to him, and so are his work and relationships. He has a realistic view of life, and he makes plans accordingly. At the same time, he still has the highest respect to the mystery that will never be penetrated by objective science. He sleeps well, and he is excited to wake up in the morning and to start another day. Feelings are his compass rather than something to be afraid of. He knows how much he is valuable to others on a level deeper than intellectual knowledge, and he does not have the need to prove himself to anyone. In short, his psychic energy is invested in life rather than in defending against it. If you suffer from  social anxiety, shyness, and inhibitions, and you have tried everything to change but to no avail, then this book is your best shot to finally achieve transformation. 

What is Neurosis?

The evolution of language gave birth to a whole new world of fantasies which are metaphors of the old animal kingdom where the body had lived in the beginning. This means that unlike other species that only live in the physical world, humans live in two worlds: the physical and the mental. These two worlds are conflicted with each other, with the one disrespecting the needs of the other. The result is that energy that the body produces gets jammed between the two worlds. Neurosis is a human condition caused by the incompatibility between the mental existence of the mind and that of the physical body. The mind feels pressure to discharge physical energy without knowing how. This causes irrational anxiety and low self-esteem. In a culture that puts so much stress on science, there is too little room left to the mystery of who we are. The rigid insistence of the western mind to deny the irrational roots of its existence results in a conflicted personality.    

How to Overcome Neurosis?

To overcome neurosis (as much as possible without losing humanity), we should tackle it from both sides of the coin: mind and body. When we understand how the mind transforms physical energy from deeper layers of the brain to mental form (language), we can can intervene to remove jams that interfere with this transformation process. The psychoanalytic model of the personality which is depicted below and is described in details in the book, helps to achieve this goal. The interpretation of dreams is a powerful technique to support the mind in digesting physical energy (which we call the Libido), but meditation must also be applied to promote transformation on the level of the neurons. Having a model of the personality as described below and in more details in the book is a prerequisite to benefit psychologically from meditation, else the mind will abuse this technique to repress the Libido even more.   

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The Book of Metaphors

Here are some key concepts that you will find inside The Mind and the Libido

Sexual Selection

It is a popular misunderstanding to believe that the mind evolved in the process of natural selection. But the sudden growth of the human brain caused a tremendous burden physically and psychologically. It took many thousands of years until the mind has become a survival asset. This means that the mind must have evolved in sexual selection just like the peacock's tail and that the burden that tail inflict on male peacocks is similar in some way to the neurosis inflicted by the human mind. Therefore, when we explore the mind, as much as it might sound like an insult in a scientific culture, it is important to remember that the mind's most profound function assigned by nature is for men to impress women and for women to test men.

sexual selection had driven the evolution of the mind

The Mind is a Metaphor

We live in a culture that treats the mind as if it were a mechanic tool that only needs to be trained to work and contribute to society in a conformist, civilized way. But the mind is much more complicated than that. Its thoughts and thinking represent an inner world of fantasies. With the evolution of language, the mind was born as a mental, metaphorical representation of the physical world. This is why metaphors are essential to mental health, because they provide a container to holds the inner world where the mind lives. In the book, I use the metaphor of the mind being a horse rider to visualize the process of psychological growth. But of course, you can choose any other metaphor that works best for you.  

metaphors are crucial for mental health

Neurosis in the Relationship

One danger that humans face since the development of the thinking mind is that the mind can become a thinking bubble in the brain, too afraid of the bodily energy and drives. Humans are the only creatures in the world (perhaps in the whole universe) that can be afraid of their own drives. How the mind relates to its drives will always be manifested in how the person relates to other people. When the mind is too fearful of the Libido, intimate relationships are a dread. You may yearn intimate relationship consciously, but until the inner neurosis has been sufficiently dissolved, trying to establish intimacy is like driving a car with full gas but with the handbrake pulled. You need to release the handbrake first. 

overcome neurosis in relationships

The Psychoanalytic Model of the Personality

    The model presented here and in more details in the book is my own interpretation of the psychoanalytic writings based on many years of studying them and my own experience. You will not find the model in this format anywhere else.
      The Libido is the source of energy for the entire personality. But it needs to go through certain transformations before it can become available to mental processing (in the form of language) in the mind. When the Libido is blocked somewhere between the two worlds (physical and mental), there is a sense of pressure coming from within because the brain continues to generate energy that cannot find a way out. This is felt as irrational anxiety and in this state, thinking in the mind becomes distorted.
    The key is to restore the personal balance so that the mind is neither depleted from Libido nor overwhelmed by it. This is not done by teaching the mind something new, but by doing work that the mind will reject in the beginning as being "crazy." 

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"Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
And God said, 'Let there be light', and there was light."

(Genesis, 2:3)

Like any influential work, the Bible is a book of metaphors. It tells us that we can become the creators of our world so that there will be light even in the depths of our personality. In this sense, the beginning of Genesis is a metaphorical description of the evolution of the mind, and the expulsion from paradise is a metaphor of neurosis. 

The Mind and the Libido
the psychological meaning of Genesis