English speaking psychotherapist Rotem Hess


First Meeting

The purpose of the first meeting, often referred to as first interview, is to get to know each other and to decide whether we can imagine working together. Possibly it will extend into a second appointment. We will discuss expectations, current life situation, realistic goals, fears, and other related topics. 

This is also the opportunity for me to present myself and the way I am working with my clients. 

Then we could decide if there is a match for us to be working together.  

The first one or two meetings are offered FREE of charge in order to enable you to have firsthand impression whether working with me is something you can gain from. Possibly, we will also discuss which settings would be best for your needs: Psychotherapy or Lifecoaching.


As a psychotherapist in training under supervision, I am obliged to keep all content fully confidential. 

Length and frequency of meetings, as well as the mean of communication (online or in person), is to be decided individually. For psychotherapy to be effective, I recommend frequency of at least twice per week.


Price per 50 minutes psychotherapy session is €60.

Coaching packages will be explained in the exploratory free of charge meeting.

Price for Group Therapy is €25 (90 minutes weekly meetings)

Unemployed and people in financial difficulties can apply for social tariff. 

Please note that refund from Health Insurance Companies (e.g. WKGK) is not possible.