Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious

Resolve inner conflicts that prevent you from enjoying life and achieving your full potential.

Sigmund Freud founded in Vienna more than a hundred years ago the first talking cure which he called Psychoanalysis. His many followers have developed this method according to many years of experience ever since. But in essence, the goal of psychoanalysis has not changed: To gain access to the unconscious mind, and to resolve the split in the human psyche. The royal road to the unconscious is dream interpretations and free associations

Nowadays, many believe that Psychoanalysis is outdated. The truth is however, that at the expense of scientific knowledge, the western society has become superficial when it comes to psychological insights. Advances in technologies, unfortunately, did not bring more happiness to people. In modern life there is no time to turn inwards and to invest in connecting with our true self. People are mostly interested in quick fixes and external rewards. The inner world is no longer believed in and dreams are perceived as meaningless nonsense. But what is rejected from within, comes back hunting from without. The result is distortions of social perceptions, interpersonal conflicts and mental sufferings. 

Psychoanalysis is not a quick fix. The technique is not aimed at convincing you that you are "wrong" or "irrational". More often than not, people know this already, but still they cannot change their mind. This is why very intelligent and capable people would still benefit from psychoanalytic insights. The root cause of personal problems is in a completely different area than where it is believed to be. It is only through the emotional experience, accompanied with insights into the unconscious world, that real growth can occur.