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Psychodynamic Therapy

In case the personal problems exceed beyond current life situation or if they cannot be translated into concrete external goals, psychotherapy would be the courageous course of action to take in order to deal with the problem in a mature way. The psychodynamic approach seeks to understand the nature of the inner conflict that prevents you from feeling good and motivated in life, having satisfying relationships, and being able to deal with challenges with the resources of an adult human being.

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Group Therapy

The experience in the group can be a powerful motor for change. Group therapy provides a social microcosm which is nothing like you can experience in everyday life. The renowned psychoanalyst Prof. Felix de Mendelssohn suggested that clients who came to group therapy benefited much more than those who came only to individual therapy because the group triggers emotions that can remain hidden in the individual setting. In some cases, combination of group and individual settings would be the best option.

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Life Coaching

Life is generally good but you feel stuck in one or several areas in life? Are you contemplating an important decision or a course of action? Or perhaps you are facing an overwhelming challenge or a difficult situation. The most successful people hire personal coaches to make sure that they remain loyal to their authentic self, and that they do not miss other perspectives that can be pointed out by an external expert. Sometimes another person can see better than you what you've got.