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Does one or more of the following situations apply to you?

  • You are an expat living in Vienna, but you find it difficult to bond with new people 
  •  You are single or unhappy in your intimate relationship 
  •  You suffer from social anxiety 
  •  Your mood tends to get depressed without you understanding why 
  •  You suspect that you suffer from a midlife crisis or burnout at work

Life becomes joyful when you reconnect to your emotional world. Let me help you to:

  • Make sense of your feelings, moods and dreams
  • Have a deeper understanding of the choices that you have made until now so that you can identify unhealthy patterns and make better decisions in the future
  • Overcome social anxiety, insecurity, and guilt feelings – be happier!
  • Become an attractive person to yourself and others

Psychotherapy is a mature way to grow and change, I look forward to meeting you.

Psychotherapy Vienna English - Rotem Hess, MA

Rotem Hess, MA
Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision

"when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate."

Carl Jung

Psychoanalytic English Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an effective method to a long-lasting change. It is an inner adventure to discover who you are deep inside. The approach in psychodynamic psychotherapy is to understand the nature of the inner conflict that prevent you from feeling good and motivated in life, from having satisfying relationships, or from dealing with challenges with all the personal resources that are available in your personality. It is probably the most courageous course of action, to look at your anxieties and grow beyond them. I offer psychotherapy in English, German, and Hebrew.

Group Therapy for Expats in Vienna

The experience in the group can be a powerful motor to change. Group-therapy provides a social microcosm which is nothing like you can experience in everyday life. The renowned psychoanalyst Prof. Felix de Mendelssohn suggested that clients who came to group therapy benefited much more than those who were seeing a therapist one on one, because the group stimulates feelings that can remain hidden in the usual therapeutic meetings. It is a great opportunity to increase self-awareness and to improve the quality of your relationships. I offer the group to English speakers living in Vienna who would like to have a deeper understanding of their emotional world. 

Find your Balance through Psychotherapy in English

    Living in a rapidly changing culture is a challenge. Talking to a psychotherapist or life coach can ease mental difficulties and increase understanding of self and others. English speakers in Vienna can improve their well-being through working on personal growth. 
    In Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, we assume that the mind is confronted with emotional forces that are unconscious. The human mind needs support in dealing with internal forces, else it will collapse like a surfer that is overwhelmed by the sea. The ability to surf invisible patterns inside the personality is a neglected aspect of modern life. The focus on science has brought us many technological advantages but at the cost of psychological health. Being afraid of the inner storm results in all kind of anxieties, low self-esteem, and inability to form healthy intimate relationships. Psychotherapy aims at finding an inner balance to ease these symptoms.
    I offer the First appointment free of charge. The purpose is for both of us to see if there is a good fit to work together. You can also leave a message, or call   +436643569925

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The Legacy of Donald Winnicott

Winnicott was an english speaking therapist Donald Winnicott - Psychoanalyt from London

The English speaking Therapist who Played With Reality

Donald W. Winnicott is one of most influential psychoanalysts who lived after Sigmund Freud, and he has been a great influence on my work as an English speaking therapist in Vienna. His most famous concepts are the true and false self which impact our mode of being and feelings, and the concept of the good enough mother. But in his classic book Playing and Reality, he suggests that “Psychotherapy has to do with two people playing together.” If you cannot play, then the purpose of psychotherapy becomes to increase your capacity to play with life. It does not mean that being serious especially at work but also in the relationship is not a necessary aspect in life, but it is through playfulness that life becomes joyful and relationships meaningful. Humans are not the only specie that plays with one another, but we are the only creatures that can play with the concept of reality itself to change our world. This is because we do not live only in a physical world like the animals. We live also in a world of imagination, fantasies, and dreams that affect our behaviors in ways that are neglected in modern cultures. The ability to play with our fantasies is an important prerequisite to mental health, but if they remain unconscious and unacknowledged, they can turn us into anxious creatures who are afraid of invisible ghosts.

D. W. Winnicott

"It is Play that is the universal, and that belongs to health: playing leads into group relationships; playing can be a form of communication in psychotherapy; and lastly, psychoanalysis has been developed as a highly specialized form of playing in the service of communication with oneself and others."

Psychotherapy in English

Although Winnicott was an English therapist who worked mostly with children, his groundbreaking ideas and depth apply to adults just the same. In the therapeutic relationship that we will create in my psychotherapy practice in Vienna, we shall aim to establish a space where playing with reality is possible once again. In the world of dreams, the concepts of right and wrong are no longer valid. If your experiences in life have made your personality timid or shy, it means that your mind is not able to play with the energy that belongs to deeper layers in you. This makes it difficult if not impossible to become the person that you would like to become according to your own conscious believes. If you are an English speaker who lives in Vienna, you can invest in becoming your true self with an English speaking therapist. It could be the most important investment that you will ever make.